Why are there so many different types of tennis balls?

Why are there so many different types of tennis balls?

This is a very common question among beginners and experienced tennis players alike. Most of the balls feel and certainly look the same, and luckily, they all share the same tennis ball smell.

Despite their similarities, they have subtle yet serious differences that could really change your game.

Professional Tennis Ball

A professional tennis ball has premium, high quality felt that doesn’t fray easily. When you play in a tournament or league, these are the balls that the organiser hands you for your match. Coming out of the tube near perfect, these balls have a high level of pressure upon the cracking of the can, and will hold that pressure throughout the match that you play. 

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Club Tennis Ball

Club balls are a step down from professional, in both pressure and felt quality, but also in price. This style is best suited for good level play, league matches and tournaments because of their great durability and overall good quality. These balls are designed to go as many rounds are you are willing to, so don’t be afraid to pop the cap early.

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Try to think about what balls you are playing with the next time you’re on the court. Maybe you could improve that kick serve or your rallies with your friends by just changing what ball type you use!