Tennis Ball: Questions & Answers

Tennis Ball: Questions & Answers

1.      What are Tennis Balls Made Of?

In the past, tennis balls were made of wool and were covered with leather. The interior of the ball was filled with animal parts, putty, and even human hair.

Today, tennis balls feature an inner core made of rubber casing. This is filled with pressurised air and the outer part is covered with woven durable felt. Pressureless balls aren’t filled with air.

2.      Why are Tennis Balls Sold in Air Tight Tubes?

It's all about the air pressure!

A ball tubes/can are designed to maintain a specific air pressure to create a desired bounce in a ball. Once the balls are removed from the tube, the air pressure within the ball will start to become the same as the air around you over time. This will start to change the ball the balls bounce and fly through the air.

3.      Are Pressureless Tennis Balls Good?

If you are looking to save money and not interested in the quality of the ball, then they’re probably are. Pressureless balls are usually less bouncy and have little feel off the strings. 

4.      How Long Can Pressurised Tennis Balls Last?

The time will differ from one ball to another. It’s also affected by the playing style and the court you’re using your balls on. However, it’s expected that the balls will start to lose some of the air pressure the minute you remove them from the can.

Proper storage conditions can slow down the process and allow you to use your ball a little bit longer. Most pro players will still use a ball that has lost some of its pressure for practice and warm-up, but they won’t use it during the game.

Intermediate and beginner players wouldn’t immediately notice the decline in pressure as it may take weeks until it becomes noticeable. However, most good level players can detect the change in the ball’s pressure so they will have their balls replaced more often.

5.      How Often Should You Change your Tennis Balls?

This depends on your playing style and the nature of the game. Most pro players will change their ball after 7 or 8 games, although some will do this more often. The key is to change the ball once you feel that it’s going to have a negative impact on how the game is going.

At BallBOX we would recommend a full change of balls every month.