Are your tennis balls causing injury?

Are your tennis balls causing injury?

Without new balls, the game becomes a lot harder to play. Balls don’t travel as fast or as far, impacting the game significantly.

This can cause not only poor play, but can lead to injury or make an existing injury worse. 

As players we are always trying to hit the biggest shot we can, stretch for balls out of our reach and bend our bodies in unusual ways. 

We can't change the nature of the game and we are not always keen on changing how we play, so let's make sure the balls are not adding to potential injury.

Why exactly are new tennis balls important for the body?

The best way to look at this is, is how do old balls create extra stress on the body?

As a tennis ball loses pressure, it loses its potential energy it can create off your racket face, this is why new balls fly faster and bounce higher.

Tennis players will compensate against the loss of pressure by hitting the ball harder creating more forces on the body. Our aim is to stroke the ball and allow the ball to do the work.

The injury potential is compounded further by fatigue, the harder we hit the ball more more often, the more fatigued our body becomes which opens the door for an injury.

A common mistake

When you do make the decision to replace your tennis balls, make sure you replace them all at the same time!

A common mistake is mixing some new balls with old balls, a logical solution to replacing the balls but you are maximising the opportunity for injury.

Playing a game of tennis with a mixture of new and old balls creates the perfect storm, just as the body gets used to hitting the old, lifeless ball 20% harder then the new then introduce a new ball which flies off the strings.

This resulting in slight changes to your technique ball after ball, confusing your body and placing it at greater risk.

Replace all balls at the same time!

Our message to you

Your tennis balls are not the only thing that can cause you injury, your equipment, technique and fitness play a big part.

Get on court with a professional coach to check over your game to make sure that you have done everything you can to enjoy tennis injury free.

Take control of one element and replace your balls on a regular basis.